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SaaS Order Management UX & UI Solution
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High Level Overview

Shipping tools tailored for modern commerce

Access all the shipping options you need to run your business efficiently through a unified eCommerce solution. Connect to stores and carriers via the CommerceShip API, components or console.

 Merchants can manage orders and shipments through an easy-to-use application, with flexible workflow options:

    • Order data sync
    • Shipment management
    • Label generation
    • Parcel spend management

The Challenge

To redesign the orders management tool, so that it can cater to both Enterprise users, but also to SMB & Direct End User clients of the platform. A one-size fit all solution to enable users to fulfil their tasks without having to  think about what the steps are or what fields they should be next filling in – but be guided naturally through their journey by the app.  

Client Feedback

Initially, I approached Andrei for assistance in both UI and UX within an industry unfamiliar to him. Remarkably, Andrei swiftly adapted to the Product Management role, contributing significantly across various tasks. His involvement spanned from the overarching website design to the intricacies of order management and shipping processes.

Notably, Andrei innovatively conceived an “create-order” feature, meticulously crafting it from scratch in Figma. This design seamlessly integrated with the website’s existing style and theme. He not only devised the concept but also effectively communicated it to the engineering team, overseeing its successful implementation.

I was particularly impressed by Andrei’s sense of ownership and his consistent availability. He worked diligently alongside us to gain a thorough understanding of the industry and meticulously refined the design on several occasions. Both my partner and I are extremely satisfied with the results of his work. Andrei’s dedication and skill have left a lasting impression, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with him again in the future.

Tiberiu Motic

Co-Founder, CommerceShip

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